Hi! I'm Tiffany, a graphic designer with a passion for print and identity design.

I have always been an "artsy" person. Growing up, I was always drawing on or decorating anything and everything in sight and making imaginary craft projects for myself to work on. As I got older (and computers got better) I began to venture into the world of what could be made with this new technology. I remember very specifically making business cards for companies that I made-up for fun and spending hours upon hours designing the program for my middle school talent show because it was so fun for me.

It wasn't until high school that I realized that art class was something I should put on my class schedule. Up until this time I had seriously wanted to become a dolphin trainer (I know, I know...) but taking art classes turned out to be really fun for me. Then, one day while watching an episode of Oprah I was introduced to "graphic design." Immediately after hearing what a graphic designer was, I knew without a doubt that this career was meant for me.


After high school, I attended Peace College, a small women's liberal arts college in Raleigh where I learned all about the serious (but still really fun) parts of designing. There I developed a love for basically anything and everything that's visually interesting in the world (and an even stronger love for it if it's backed by concept.)

Four years, two internships, and (among other things) a trip to the Middle East later, I graduated from Peace with a Bachelor of Arts in both Graphic Design and Mass Communication with honors. A few weeks later, I began working in-house as a graphic designer at a local non-profit and later moved on to the design firm where I work today.

Although I enjoy all genres of design, my true love lies in print, mostly consisting of branding and identity and I continue to look forward to new and exciting projects of the future!


And, just in case you were wondering... 

Technical Skills
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign  
Adobe Flash
Adobe Muse

Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Express

2010 Mabel Pugh Art Award, Peace College
2012 Donna Jackson Trailblazers Award (3rd Place), City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department


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